Organizer of Understand and design what customers really want with Jobs to be Done and Demand Generation Analysis

Growth and Alignment Begin with Understanding Demand
Jobs to be Done is a new way to understand how demand for a product is created, and how innovators can meet that demand. While this thinking has a long track record of success, few business schools teach it, and it is only now attracting widespread attention.
We have designed this 1-day workshop to share the latest thinking about Jobs to be Done theory and how Demand Generation Analysis, our new, high-intensity research sprint, reveals what customers really want.
The workshop is an immersive experience consisting of short lectures, live customer interviews and hands-on practising. Participants will learn how to collect and model demand generation data and create insights that can help define strategic objectives and make better design and product decisions.
After the workshop, participants will:
Know how demand for products and services is created and how this causes consumers to buy, keep using or stop using them
Understand how Demand Generation Analysis enables teams to obtain, organize and communicate data that describe what customers really want
Gain skills to gather and model demand generation data and create actionable insights for Design, Product and Strategy decisions
Have ways to integrate demand generation data and models into their day-to-day work, e.g. into a design process

What is the agenda?
1. Lecture: Learn about Jobs to be Done theory Demand Generation Data
2. Exercise: Practice gathering and modelling Demand Generation Data from live customer interviews
3. Share & Debrief: What did everyone discover?
4. Exercise: Apply Demand Generation Data to a design process such as Progress Directed Desig

Who is the workshop for and how will they become better?
This workshop is valuable for anyone creating software products, services or physical goods. It is ideal – but not exclusively – for:
Design-savvy Founders/CEOs – Find growth opportunities and learn how to further differentiate your product or service from competitors.
Service-Driven Marketers – Acquire new customers by creating a compelling story for your marketing campaigns that speak directly to what your customers value.
Research-driven Product Managers / Owners – Make better decisions about what features to build, improve or kill to keep customers and reduce churn.
Holistically thinking UX / UI Designers – Communicate using unified and simple vocabulary that describes what customers desire and what holds them back from making progress. Identify opportunities to improve your service and help your organization to think systematically about how your product fits into people’s lives, what constraints you need to tackle first and how you can expand your product portfolio meaningfully.
Qualitative Design and Market Researchers – Level up your skills as a researcher by learning how to collect and model demand generation data. Understand why people choose or abandon your product and develop stories that resonate with product, marketing and business stakeholders.
Anyone else who is curious about qualitative research for innovation and how to leverage Jobs to be Done theory for their product strategy and design.

Are there any requirements to make use of this workshop?
Short answer, no. You do not require any prior knowledge about Jobs to be Done theory or Demand Generation Analysis is needed.
The workshop will be held in English as the workshop content is based on the latest advances in Jobs to be Done theory and Demand Generation Analysis developed by Revealed, a global cooperative consultancy. However, both workshop facilitators speak German fluently and will be able to address any questions in the German language.

About the facilitators
Andrej Balaz, Partner at Revealed
Andrej works at the intersection of business, strategy and service design and is currently based in Berlin. He combines tools and perspectives from design and market research, bridging both disciplines to discover and define new markets. With over 9 years of design experience in B2C and B2B contexts in various industries ranging from smart manufacturing, personal and public mobility to connected living and healthcare, Andrej helps clients to transition from insight generation to building and testing services that customers will love. Previously, Andrej worked as Service and UX design expert at the German innovation agency IXDS on projects with teams at Bosch, Deutsche Bahn, Fraunhofer, Google and more.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/designamyte
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrejbalaz

René Bastijans, Partner at Revealed
René’s vision is to help individuals, teams and organisations become great at creating, marketing and selling products and services that people will buy. An educator by training, René enjoys teaching others about how to apply the principles, tools and techniques of Demand Generation Analysis, a systematic way of studying demand that enables data-informed strategies for growth and innovation.
René worked in both startups and established businesses and in roles ranging from leading a corporate acceleration program to heading up the global R&D team of the largest education company and hands-on product managing software products in the sports, travel and gaming industries.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/renebastijans
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/renebastijans/

Organizer of Understand and design what customers really want with Jobs to be Done and Demand Generation Analysis
At Revealed, we empower businesses to create sustainable growth through an understanding of why consumers really buy and use products. We help our clients achieve success through short, intense workshops and research sprints. These workshops and sprints aim to uncover and develop insights that are useful to every part of the organisation.

Our clients cut across industries and markets: B2B, B2C, CPG, retail, hardware, and software, such as Pipedrive, Asana, Twitter and more. As long as we’re studying a system of buyers and sellers, we’ll find insights and help kickoff development of new services and products that customers will want to buy.


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